Sweet Potatoes a la Gabrielle

This was my mom's favorite sweet potato recipe. The recipe has the name "yam" but actually the reddish orange garnet yams it calls for are actually sweet potatoes. For an article disambiguating yams and sweet potatoes click here. My mom loved this dish and after I made it once she requested it at all future Thanksgivings. As it was her favorite sweet potato dish I just call it Sweet Potatoes a la Gabrielle, although "mom's yams" would be a funnier title... *tip* Harissa varies a lot in heat, so start with a little and then add more if you like more spice. If you don't have Harissa just use whatever hot sauce you have lying around. 

P.S. The other recipes listed here are also good, I've made them before and I really like the winter greens casserole.