Best Chocolate Cupcake

I have the best mom in the world! Add this anecdote to the list of evidence supporting that assertion: while some moms made desserts for their children's birthdays in elementary school... whose mom went to the effort to single-handedly and lovingly preparing 500 cupcakes (2 flavors) for her son's birthday and coming to his medical school class of 250 to deliver them and wish him happy birthday in the middle of class?? Thanks to Loretta for helping my mom deliver these! My mom secretly prepared and delivered  these cupcakes (with a decadent whipped chocolate ganache frosting) along with a tart and wonderful lemon flavor to my medical school class for the two years of medical school where we meet in classes. She organized the event with my professors and it was the only time at the University of Washington School of Medicine (maybe in their history?) that a class of 250 students was paused for cupcakes, a birthday song, and my mom telling them all how I came out in just "2 easy pushes". My mom is the best! ❤️